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Recent Submissions

  • DuraSpace (2013-01-16)
    This is just a sample image. It is the DuraSpace logo available from For images in DSpace, a thumbnail can be optionally generated (as seen below).
  • Donohue, Tim (2013-01-16)
    This is a sample audio file (MP3). It is from a webinar in Nov 2011 on Integrating DSpace with DuraCloud.
  • Donohue, Tim (2013-01-16)
    This is a sample Video file stored in DSpaceCloud. The original video is available at:
  • Smith, Samuel G (2012-06-26)
    This is a sample abstract. But, to fill up some space, here's "Hello" in several different languages : (Chinese) 你好 , (Georgian) გამარჯობა , (Greek) Γεια σας , (Hindi) नमस्ते , (Korean) 여보세요 , (Japanese) こんにちは , (Russian) ...
  • Doe, Jane L (2012-06-26)
    This is really just a sample abstract. If it was a real abstract it would contain useful information about this test document. Sorry though, nothing useful in this paragraph. You probably shouldn't have even bothered to read it!
  • Nelson, Sandra K (2012-06-26)
    This abstract is really quite great. It grabs your attention at just the right spots, and holds it all the way until the end! Yep. Great abstracts do that.
  • Cat, Lily (2009-11-11)
    This is a Sample HTML webpage including several images and styles (CSS).
  • Doe, John F (2012-06-26)
    This is really just a sample abstract. But, Í’vé thrown ïn a cõuple of spëciâl charactèrs för êxtrå fuñ!